Sarthak Raval

Humans’ impact on the environment is not just limited to the rivers and lands — we also have enormous influence beyond our planet. From the first launch in 1957, humanity has been launching thousands of projectiles into space. However, except for astronauts that have safely returned, everything we…

By Mariah Padilla (she/her)| May 27, 2021

Leah Thomas (@greengirlleah), Climate Activist and Founder of Intersectional Environmentalist

Climate Change. Climate Crisis. Climate emergency.

All too often these words and phrases evoke images of the melting polar ice caps, of rising sea levels, and of natural disasters of increasing ferocity. I have found myself often pondering, wondering, and questioning, why do…

Sarthak Raval. Apr 30, 2021

Unofficial Earth Day Flag by John McConnell, taken from first published picture of Earth

No other event has the scope of Earth Day — the day’s observance extends throughout the entire globe and is meant to honor the Earth’s people, ecosystems and animals. Earth Day stands out from other annual events, as it has a form of prescribed ritual…

Alexandria Williams April 23, 2021

Graphic Carbon Neutral Image: Sarah Lawrence

Similar to the bombardment of supermarkets with a slew of organic labels, ‘carbon neutral’ peppers business websites, product labels, and corporate advertisements. While the implication of offsetting carbon emission is in the name, is neutrality a good step in addressing climate change? …

Alexandria Williams April 7, 2021

When shopping at the local supermarket or co-op, food items everywhere contain a “green” slogan. Consumers find themselves bombarded with different labels all claiming to be “natural”, “organic”, “non-GMO”, “ecofriendly”, and “sustainable”, but what does it all mean? …

Sarah Schuette February 24, 2021

Advancements in traveling-focused technology and growing interests in varying cultures have caused tourism to become a treasured activity for many individuals. Traveling across a nation or overseas to witness the natural and unnatural wonders of other regions is often equated to a modern day vacation…

UC Davis Campus Center for the Environment

Campus Center for the Environment is a student-run, student-funded environmental advocacy unit of the Associated Students of the University of California, Davis

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